Review this Vocabulary for a Future Test

Words from "A Worn Path" (page 101)
phoenix a mythological bird reborn from its own ashes In the Harry Potter stories, a phoenix plays an important role in Harry's fight against evil.
meditative religiously or philosophically thoughtfulA period of ten minutes of meditation help calm him for the rigors of the day.
rouse up startle The baby rose up and started crying at the sound of the horn.
furrow a plowed row on a farmThe furrows were sown with alfalfa.
ravine a deap narrow valley The house was lost during the rains, washed down a ravine.
lolling tongue with a tongue hanging out The healer claimed to be able to heal people with lolling tongues.
cur a dog, a mutt, likely a mixed breed, not a nice expression The old cur acted like he wanted to bite my foot off..
lye a harsh chemical used to make soapThe lye made his eyes water.
obstinate stubborn The obstinate student refused to leave.