What's Wrong with this Picture?

You can improve your reading comprehension by improving where you are reading.

It's okay to take the phone off the hook or to turn off the cell phone while studying.

You don't have to be Martha Stewart, but it helps to have all your supplies together when study-reading. You should take notes or yellow underline important stuff as you read. This guy's pencil is broken, his notes are disorganized and his books are everywhere.

Too Relaxed
If your body is too relaxed, then your mind will soon follow. Don't study in a too comfortable chair, a sofa or in bed.

Sometimes you need to be tough on your friends and just tell them to get lost so you can study. It's your life and time that they are wasting.

Radio too loud
Quiet music in the background might be okay a help mask outside noises, but if you are shaking and tapping your feet...it's too loud. Also, don't study in front of television.

Lighting is bad
Warm diffuse light is best. Avoid high intensity lamps which stress the eys. Adjust the lamps in your space in view of making sure the light is not too dim or too bright. A bright light shining on white paper often causes headaches.

Window...no air, also too many distractions
No only is this guy's window shut, but it is bolted shut. You need air to read well. Make sure you have ventilation or you might fall asleep or get a headache. Also, sitting by a window is like sitting in front of a television: very distracting. Also the playmate calendar can be distracting.

Too Warm
If it's too hot, then you will feel sleepy and will not be very productive.

Taking Drugs
He's using NO-DOZE or some artificial stimulant to stay awake. This is not so good for the learning process which should be gentle on the brain. Besides illegal drugs, legal medications might be a problem for some students. If you are on long-term medication for any problem, you might ask your doctor if any side effect of the medication is problems with attentiveness in school or memory.

Best Practices:
Study in the same place at about the same time each day. Have your books and supplies at hand. Study-Read with a pencil or a marker. Make sure that the place has enough light, air, and is not too warm. Find a place away from visual distractions, family, friends, phones and television. Best to sit at a desk or at a table. Avoid study in a comfortable chair, sofa or bed.