Review this Vocabulary for a Future Test

"Torture's Allure and Effect" (page 294)
circumvent go around The drunk driver attempted to circumvent the sobriety checkpoint.
sanctioned authorized, officially approved The use of some forms of torture was sanctioned by the Secretary of Defense.
stealthy secret;concealed Stealthy use of wiretapping may be used to catch the mobster.
adverse negative, bad The adverse effect of torture is that the information you get may not e true.
sadist one who takes pleasure in hurting others He was clearly a sadistic dictator.
rationalized justified (implies false justification) He rationalized that stealing the money was okay because the store owed him for his overtime work.
lacerations deep long cuts in flesh She had lacerations on her back as a result of the auto accident.
lethal deadlySome non-lethal weapons end up lethal if used incorrectly.
opportunistic taking advantage of an opportunity with little concern about ethics or principlesOpportunistic diseases will take over a body with low defense mechanisms.
myth in this passage, a false but commonly held beliefA common myth perpetrated in the media is that the media is liberal.
atrocities shockingly brutal acts Sadam Hussein is accused of atrocities involving the Kurds living in Iraq.
invective abusive languageInvective is not a substitute for reasoned discussion.
reprieve temporary reliefThe prisoner was granted a reprieve from the death sentence.
feigning fakingHe feigned sickness to get out of going to the wedding.
neophyte a beginnerThe neophyte instructor could not control the class.
a "ticking bomb" a problem that will become dangerous in not addressed quickly they say that the young man is a ticking bomb, if he doesn't get the needed medication.
liquidate to killThe Nazis attempted to liquidate the Jewish people.