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  1. A group of sentences about one main idea is a... topic detail paragraph.

  2. Paragraphs usually contain... a topic sentence one or more detail sentences both a topic and one or more detail sentences.

  3. The topic sentence contains the ... main idea the details an example.

  4. Topic sentences can be anywhere in a paragraph, but they are most often... first last in the middle first and last.

  5. Detail sentences... support the topic give proof give examples give additional information all the above.

  6. Topic sentences tend to be more.... specific general.

  7. Detail sentences tend to be more... specific general

  8. If a paragraph has only one sentence, it's likely to be the... topic detail

  9. Is the sentence: "Mr. Doyle ate the Big Mac.".... a topic sentence? a detail sentence? can't tell when it's by itself.

  10. Which sentence is the topic sentence? Mr.Doyle ate the Big Mac. It was very tasty with pickles and catsup. It was the best Big Mac he had ever had. His friend had bought it for him.

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