Review this Vocabulary for a Future Test

Words from the Spoon River Anthology "Minerva Jones", "Indignation Jones" , "Doctor Meyers", "Mrs Meyers" (pages 16), and the "Vacuum" (page 22)
yahoo crude, coarse people The yahoos in the military lost my discharge papers.
Welsh people from Wales, a Celtic region in England.The Welsh put up a terrific fight before capitulating to the British king.
lineage line of descent from ancestors He claimed that his lineage include royalty.
mired in a bog stuck in a soft muddy placeThe Roman armies became mired in a bog and were an easy target for the Celtic warriors.
slattern an untidy or immoral woman Mom would not let me marry the village slattern.
the "halt" those who have physical disabilities, esp. inability to walkThe healer claimed to be able to heal the halt and the lame.
improvident those who did not provide for the future Improvident folks were left without any retirement whatsoever.
congenial friendlyIt was prudent to be congenial with the CHP officer.
admonition warningThe cop let him go with an admonition.
sulks pouts Sarah sulked around all day after the teacher yelled at her.
slovenly disorderly, messy She was the slovenly slattern in the sloppy saloon.