Scouting is a Game with a Purpose

FUN is the GAME

Three Activities that Teach Values:

Reflection. By talking about or reflecting on their experiences, Scouts learn to think for themselves and practice group skills.
They make judgments, work together, and develop understanding and trust. With guidance, they can seek and find the
meaning or purpose behind activities, make sense of their experiences, and reinforce positive values.

Problem Solving. Through stories involving ethical dilemmas, Scouts learn successful ways to resolve real problems. With experience, Scouts learn how to apply this method to real problems in Scouting and in their own lives.

Community Service. By planning and carrying out meaningful service projects, Scouts are able to connect with the real needs of their community.

Scouting is a Special Place.

The rules are the ones we know well: the Scout Oath and the Scout Law.

We create a safe haven in Scouting, a place where everyone should feel physically and emotionally secure. We do this in several ways:
We set the example for ourselves and others by always behaving as Scouts should. We live the Scout Oath and Law each moment of each day, to the best of our abilities.
We refuse to tolerate any kind of inappropriate put-down, name-calling, or physical aggression.
We communicate our acceptance of each participant and each other through expressions of concern for them, and by showing our appreciation whenever possible.
We create an environment based on learning and fun. We seek the best from each participant, and we do our best to help him achieve it.