Review this Vocabulary

"When is it Rape?" by Nancy Gibbs

page 259
fetal position heads, arms and leg drawn together like a fetus He slept in a fetal position because the bed was too short.
raucous wild There was a raucous party next door until 4 AM.
idle useless A group of idle men lurked at the bar.
psychopath a crazy person Sometimes you think that only a psychopath could kill another person.
consensus agreement The neighborhood reached a consensus that there would be no noise after midnight.
acquitted found not guilty in a court They acquitted my brother of the charge of robbery.
mythology in this article, an untrue but widespread belief It's nothing but a myth at they actually found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
dispel eliminate The talk show host wanted to dispel the myth that he was a drug addict.
"grey area" uncertainty, a middle ground, neither black or white He was in a bit of a grey area when it came to belief in an afterlife.
elasticity adaptability His schedule was rather elastic at this point because he didn't have a job.
omniscient all knowing Omniscience is a quality shared by God and parents.
concede admit Why don't you concede that you lost the election?
infraction an offense The police did not want to bother with such a small infraction.
ghastly horrible It took three ghastly crimes for the police to pay serious attention to domestic disputes on the base.
oppression unjust treatment His decision to fight oppression lead him to join the Green party.
spectrum range, as in color or in energy There was a spectrum of beliefs in the room regarding the president's job performance.
innuendo indirect suggestion It's nothing but innuendo that I took the last donut.
composure control of emotions He lost his composure when he saw his long-lost father..
agenda plan The meeting's agenda had to be set aside when the emergency came up.
ubiquitous constantly encountered He believed that he was the victim of ubiquitous racism.