Read these outlines and answer the questions below

Read this passage and look at the outline:
   The English Lab, housed in the Administration building, consists of two adjoining rooms which contain 70 Macintosh computers and 2 laser printers. In addition to a server which allows instructors to make assignments and materials available over the Internet and to the local intranet, each computer in the lab contains a word processor, a web browser, telnet and hundreds of commercial and teacher-authored programs appropriate for students who are building their English skills. There are also 3 video stations, and a terminal to the college VAX machine which is used for record-keeping.

	I. English Lab
		A. Physical Plant
			1. in Administration building
			2.  two adjoining rooms				
		B. Resources
			1. computers
			2. video stations
Read this passage and look at the outline:
   The Internet is an incalculable tool for research. It is a network of thousands of computers across the world. Researchers, students, government agencies, schools, businesses and individuals have left multigigabytes of free information on these computers, available to anyone with a computer and an Internet connection. There are thousands of "web sites", as they are called, with text, pictures, sounds, and movie clips. You can see this material by simply sending out the appropriate Internet address, and after a few moments, it appears on your screen. You can type in the address directly, or you can automatically invoke an address by tapping on an icon or an underlined "link" on the home page of a web site that you already have on your screen. Often the information can be printed or downloaded (copied) directly to your local computer and saved on your own diskette.
	I. The Internet
		A. What it is
		B. Web Sites
			1. How to see them
			2. How to save the information
Look at this outline:
I. Types of measurement
	A. Volume
		1. Quarts
		2. Pints
		3. Gallons
	B. Length
		1. Miles
		2. Feet
		3. Inches
II. Types of money
	A. United States
		1. Pesos
		2. Cents
	B. Other Countries
		1. Lira
		2. Yen
		3. Francs

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