Review this Vocabulary for a Future Test

"A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings" (page 73)
stench a bad smell The stench from the compost heap made my eyes water.
impeded blocked, hindered, prevented (from 'ped'=foot)The restraints impeded his escape.
mute stupor a speechless daze He stood in mute stupor when he saw the movie star.
rag picker a person who makes a living collecting and selling rags, a poor person The rag picker sold his merchandize in the town square.
dialect an accent, or a nonstandard version of a language He spoke English, but his southern dialect was hard to follow.
survivors of the celestial conspiracy angels who had rebelled against God (celestrial=heavenly)In non-biblical legends about Christianity, the devils were proud angels lead by Lucifer.
magnanimous generous (from 'magna'=big)The magnanimous teacher loaned the student some money.
conjectures guessesHe conjectured that the thief was the watchman.
catechism a book summarizing Catholic religious beliefsHe studied his catechism when he was a child.
decrepit destroyed, broken downThe decrepit fence fell over at the first sign of windy weather.
impertinence rudeness He was an exemplary student, but frequently impertinent.
Supreme Pontiff the Pope, the head of the Roman Catholic ChurchThe Supreme Pontiff would not grant Henry VIII his annulment.
ingenuous simple, child-likeHe acted ingenuous when asked why he didn't complete his assignment.
unwary naive, unsuspectingThe unwary internet user might fall prey to one of many scams.
prudence common sense, practical wisdomHe prudently gave his money to the man with the gun.
terrestrial earthly No terrestrial power could save the boy from certain death.
sterile infertile, or unimaginativeThe sterile field would yield no fruit.
Aramaicthe native language of JesusThey found it odd that the angel could speak neither Latin nor Aramaic.
creolina compound used to disinfect and deodorize animal pensThey burned creolin to drive away mosquitoes.