Review this Vocabulary for a Future Test

"Counting the Mad", "Much Madness is Divinest Sense" (page 14) and "Mr. Z" (page 20)
mad insane The mad frequently do not know how bad they are.
jacket in this story, a straightjacket, restraint device used for crazy people They put him in a jacket to transport him to Camarillo State Hospital.
discerning perceptive Discerning shoppers wil prefer Coke to Pepsi.
prevail triumph The Celtic army prevailed over the Roman army.
assent to show agreement Mom gave us her assent to contest the will.
demur to object, to show dissent Jackson's lawyer demurred on the issue of releasing information about his previous brush with the law.
disclaimed refused to claim He disclaimed the rumors of a relationship with the accused.
prudent wise, reasonableIt was prudent to avoid talking about the theft with the watchman.
skirt dissension to avoid disagreementHe thought prudent to skirt dissension when dealing with his mother.
Anglo-Saxonized dominated by "white" thinking Parts of Ireland are so Anglo-Saxonized that they appear to be parts of England.
exemplary a good example, hence, worth imitatingShe was an exemplary student in all areas except Math.
profane crude, coarse, obsceneProfanities flowed from the policeman's mouth like water.
obit short for obituary, a short summary of the life of a dead personHe was surprised to see an obit of a former teacher in the Sunday paper.
chameleon a lizard with the ability to change colorThe murderer was a chameleon, capable of blending into any context.
flayed to strip the skin off an animalThey flayed the deer in order to prepare the hide.
kosher appoved by Jewish religious law, or anything made worthy of approvalHis arrangement with the bookie was certainly not kosher .
prelate a high-ranking church officialThe prelate gave his approval for the dispensation.