Review this Vocabulary for a Future Test

"The Lottery", page 41
profusely in great quantity The flowers were blossoming profusely.
boisterous noisy, rough The boys were boisterous after the long day inside.
reprimand scolding, criticism The teacher reprimanded Frank for not having his textbook.
jovial jolly, happy Though he was a fat man, contrary to the stereotype, he was not jovial.
paraphernalia article of equipment, esp. that used for a scientific experiment Much paraphernalia was needed to make photographs in the 19th century.
perfunctory done automatically with little personal interest She kissed her boyfriend perfunctorily before leaving.
interminably without end The instructor blabbed on interminably.
petulantly with irritation She grew petulant as she was being corrected by the dance teacher.
defiantly with challenge or resistance Joe defiantly left the football field when he was benched by the coach.