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Vocabulary from "A day at the beach with my "aunties"" by Anne Lamott

"butt-mind"being obsessed with the size of your own bottom and what other's think of your appearance I have a major case of butt-mind
emaciation dangerously skinny It seems that supermodels now are walking examples of emaciation.
cellulite collections of fat that push against the connective tissue beneath a person's skin She didn't want to show her legs because of her cellulite.
waddled to walk in a rocking gait like a duck The fat guy waddled down to the beach.
iguanas large lizards Iguanas sunned themselves on the beach.
"my aunties" in this story, the author's fat butt cheeks I could feel the aunties beaming.
angstrom a unit of measure equal to 1 hundred-millionth of a centimeter (a very small distance) If he had an angstrom of intelligence, he would know that it was stupid to quit his job.
mantilla a traditional headpiece or veil from Spain Catholic women, while attending mass or other religious ceremonies, commonly wore mantillas.
female impersonation a man dressing-up like a woman, a form of transvestitism The talk show featured female impersonators.
Various People Mentioned in the Passage:
Sam the author's young son
Cindy Crawford one of our earliest supermodels
Roy Cohn a disgraced conservative political leader who died of AIDS.
Oliver North a conservative radio talk show host, who was accused of laudering money in an illegal deal to fund counterrevolutionaries in Central America while working for President Reagan.