English 190 Academic Reading II Lab Work
Winter 2009 - January 4 to February 11 - This is a 6 week session.

This class is for students who wish to improve their college reading skills. Various textbook study methods are covered, as are memory improvement, vocabulary building through the study of prefixes and roots, and the use of context clues. Some basic word attack skills are reviewed, but the emphasis of the course is on strengthening higher level reading comprehension as well as improving critical reading. Methods to improve literal and inferential comprehension are covered. This is a graded class and meets the reading prerequisite for English 191.

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Professor Doyle:

818-240-1000, ext.5343
office: LB 203

The class assigned this lab work meets:
2678 English 190 M-Th 10:30AM-12:45PM AD 242

All Classes meet Monday-Thursday.
No School on Martin Luther King Day, January 18
Finals are on the last day of class, Thursday, February 11.

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Other Required Textbooks. How to Do These Assignments
Online copy of the English 190 Syllabus
This is a required text:buy a bound copy from the bookstore or print this pdf copy for free
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Weekly Scheduled Assignments:
  1. Show you are serious about the class: Get your books immediately.
  2. The Basics (READ ME FIRST)
  3. About the English Lab
  4. Read this selection from the media
  5. Lesson 94A
  6. Lesson 94B
  7. Lesson 94C
  8. Six Keys to Quicker Learning
  9. Vowel Test
  10. "Barbie Doll" (p.20)
  11. Vocabulary from "Barbie Doll"
  12. Vocabulary Quiz from "Barbie Doll"
  13. Author Anne Lamott on body image
  14. Vocabulary from "A day at the beach with my "aunties"" by Anne Lamott
  15. Vocabulary Quiz from "When is it Rape?"
  16. Vocabulary from "When is it Rape?" (p.259)
  17. Comprehension Quiz from "When is it Rape?"
  18. "When is it Rape?" -original article in Time magazine
  19. What's your e-mail address?
  20. Answer these questions to determine your Learning Style.
  21. SQ3R Method for study reading
  22. What's Wrong with this picture...review
  23. Reading and Memory
  24. Read this selection from the media
  25. Lesson 95A
  26. Lesson 95B
  27. Lesson 95C
  28. Study Word Lists from the Text
  29. When you finish these materials, check this box and press .

  1. Those Winter Sundays by Robert Hayden
  2. A Red Palm by Gary Soto
  3. Vocabulary from "Those Winter Sundays" (p.8)
  4. Vocabulary from "Austere" (p.8) and "The Red Palm" (p.9)
  5. Word Attack Skills
  6. Vocabulary Skills
  7. Mr.Doyle's Funny Fonix Rap
  8. Summary of Phonics Rules and Samples of vowel sounds
  9. Phonics Practice Quiz
  10. Dividing Words into Syllables
  11. Improving your Memory
  12. Memory Test
  13. What is Information Literacy?
  14. Article on Improving Memory
  15. Read this selection from the media
  16. Lesson 92A
  17. Lesson 92B
  18. Lesson 92C
  19. Lesson 96A
  20. Lesson 96B
  21. Lesson 96C
  22. Select a Book for your Book Report
    Bring the book to class Thursday.
  23. Tell Mr.Doyle the name of the Book you are Reading
  24. Tips on Using the Context
  25. Quiz on Using the Context
  26. Vocabulary from "The Lottery" (p.43)
  27. "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson
  28. Langston Hughes: I, Too, Sing America
  29. Harlem: What happens to a dream deferred?
  30. Langston Hughes: Mother to Son
  31. The Poetry of Langston Hughes
  32. When you finish these materials, check this box and press .

    Martin Luther King Day Holiday, Monday January 18
  1. Cumulative Quiz of words from the text
  2. Read this selection from the media
  3. Extra Reading: College Drug Use
  4. Tap here for latest news from Mr.Doyle's Blog
  5. Daystar by Rita Dove
  6. About the Poet Rita Dove
  7. A Lady Once Told Me by Nikki Giovanni
  8. About the Poet Nikki Giovanni
  9. Bedtime Story by George Macbeth
  10. About the Poet George Macbeth
  11. Vocabulary from "Daystar" (p.10), "Once a Lady Told Me" (p.11)
    and the "Bedtime Story" (p.14)
  12. Research the Author of your Reading Book
  13. Practice Review for Greek and Latin Roots
  14. Roots Reference Dictionary
  15. Read this selection from the media
  16. Roots Practice Quiz#1
  17. Roots Practice Quiz#2
  18. Read this selection from the media
  19. "The Gilded Six-Bits" (p.63)
  20. Vocabulary from "The Gilded Six-Bits" (p.63)
  21. Lesson 97A
  22. Lesson 97B
  23. Lesson 97C
  24. Lesson 98A
  25. Lesson 98B
  26. Lesson 98C
  27. Lesson 99A
  28. Lesson 99B
  29. Lesson 99C
  30. When you finish these materials, check this box and press .

    Test this week. Review all the vocabulary from the expensive book,
    weeks 1,2, and 3 and all the Greek and Latin root words.
  1. Study these words from the textbook
    for the test this week
  2. Cumulative Quiz of words from the text
  3. Vocabulary from "Counting the Mad" (p.15),
    "Much Madness is Divinest Sense" (p.16) and "Mr. Z" (p.20)
  4. Counting the Mad
  5. Much Madness is Divinest Sense
  6. Mr.Z
  7. Roots Practice Quiz#3
  8. Roots Practice Quiz#4
  9. Read this selection from the media
  10. Lesson 100A
  11. Lesson 100B
  12. Lesson 100C
  13. "The Very Old Man with Enormous Wings"
  14. Vocabulary from "The Very Old Man with Enormous Wings" (p.72)
  15. Cumulative Quiz of words from the text
  16. Halloween Customs
  17. Read this selection from the media
  18. Lesson 93A
  19. Lesson 93B
  20. Lesson 93C
  21. Tap here for latest news from Mr.Doyle's Blog
  22. Spoon River Anthology
  23. The Vacuum
  24. Vocabulary from "Poems from the Spoon River Anthology" (p.16)
    and "Vacuum" (p.22)
  25. The Halloween Season
  26. When you finish these materials, check this box and press .

  1. "Starved Out" Vocabulary(p.246)
  2. Starved Out
  3. Finding Main Ideas
  4. How to Outline
  5. Outline Review Quiz
  6. "A Worn Path" by Eudora Welty (p.107)
  7. Vocabulary from "A Worn Path" (p.107)
  8. Cumulative Quiz of words from the text
  9. Read this selection from the media
  10. Lesson 91A
  11. Lesson 91B
  12. Lesson 91C
  13. Vocabulary from "Torture's Allure and Effect" (p.294)
  14. Torture's Dark Allure
  15. Read this selection from the media
  16. Lesson 90A
  17. Lesson 90B
  18. Lesson 90C
  19. Practice Analogies Quiz
  20. Chimera Analogies Test
  21. Vocabulary from "Dulce et Decorum" (p.25)
  22. "Dulce et Decorum" by Wilfred Owen
  23. "Dulce et Decorum" by Wilfred Owen video
  24. Read this selection from the media
  25. Lesson 89A
  26. Lesson 89B
  27. Lesson 89C
  28. When you finish these materials, check this box and press .

  1. Vocabulary from "The Unknown Citizen" (p.35)
  2. "The Unknown Citizen" by W.H. Auden
  3. Fact or Opinion Practice
  4. review page 62 from the book (Analogies)
  5. review page 63 from the book (Analogies)
  6. Quiz on Fact or Opinion
  7. Read this selection from the media
  8. Lesson 88A
  9. Lesson 88B
  10. "Mending Wall" by Robert Frost (p.26)
  11. Mass Media and Politics
  12. Mass Media and Bias
  13. Detecting Bias in the News
  14. News Bias Explored
  15. Word Choice Drill
  16. Media Matters for America
  17. Lesson 87A
  18. Lesson 87B
  19. Lesson 87C
  20. Tap here for latest news from Mr.Doyle's Blog
  21. What is Propaganda?
  22. More about propaganda
  23. Quiz on Propaganda terms
  24. Examples of Propaganda
  25. JibJab Videos
  26. Media Matters for America
  27. Lesson 86A
  28. Lesson 86B
  29. Lesson 86C
  30. What's going to be on the final? Tap here to see!
    You should have at least 6 hours of Lab Work done
    by the end of the semester.

    REVIEW for the FINALS!

    Finish Lab work assignments by February 11

  31. When you finish these materials, check this box and press .

Final Exam - 35%
Midterm Exam - 25%
Participation -demonstrated by:
-completing syllabus book - 10%
-finishing lab work - 10%
Book Report/Review - 15%
General Reading Level Improvement (measured by standardized tests) - 5%

Students may schedule makeup tests if they get a D or F on the midterm, but cannot makeup the Final. It is the student's responsibility to withdraw officially from the college or drop classes when he or she stops attending and to observe established deadlines, otherwise, "F'' grades may be assigned. Students are expected to attend all classes; irregular class attendance may result in being dropped. Students are also required to be respectful of the learning environment and to avoid disrupting class.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students with Disabilities
Mr. Doyle and Glendale College invite the participation of all students in this class. For special help and accommodations, including obtaining special proctoring for tests, free note taking, assistance for blind students, etc. please contact the GCC Center for Students with Disabilities. These students' helpers, note takers, guides and assistants are welcome as well.

Academic Dishonesty Policy
Glendale College has an Academic Dishonesty Policy forbidding various types of cheating, including plagiarism. Incidents of academic dishonesty will be referred to the Vice-President of Instruction's office.

Electronic device policy
Cell phones, iPods, and other electronic devices should be turned off when class begins to avoid disrupting class. Students may not text-message during class. However, students may use laptops in class to take notes or to access the class web page or the online syllabus. Students may also use digital recording devices to tape lectures. Students with disabilities and their helpers may use any necessary electronic accommodating device.

Office hours and telephone number
Mr. Doyle's office is LB203 and his GCC phone number is 818-240-1000, ext 5343. The instructors don't have formal office hours during the winter semester, but Mr. Doyle will be available in his office between 10:15 and 10:30 and immediately after 12:45 most days.