Review this Vocabulary for a Future Test

Words from "Dulce et Decorum" (page 27)
Dulce et Decorum Est latin words translation: It is sweet and fitting."Dulce et Decorum" is from a poem by Horace.
flares devices which light up the night sky The police lit flares to warn drivers of the accident ahead.
shod wearing shoes He was shod only in tennis shoes when marching through the snow.
ecstacy mindless joy, also frantic activity In the ecstacy of the moment, she forgot her troubles.
lime in this context, an acid like chemical The lime got in the soldiers' eyes and blinded them in their advance.
writhing twisting in pain Sick with diarrhea, the patient writhed on the ground.
cud something chewed The cow chewed its cud before swallowing.
vile repulsive She couldn't wait to get away from the vile man.
zest great enthusiasmHer zest for life touched everyone she met.
ardent full of desire Her ardent love for him surpassed all reason.