Mr. Dennis Doyle
818-240-1000, ext.5343 -

Professor of English
Reading Specialist
English Lab Coordinator
office: LB203

His teaching schedule is available here.
His serious resume here.

M.A. Education, California State University, Los Angeles
B.A. Philosophy/English, St.John's College, Camarillo
Credentials in English, Reading, Developmental Skills, Humanities, and Social Science

I'm from Los Angeles, a baby-boomer born of parents of Irish descent from Pennsylvania. I'm the oldest of eight boys. My late father was a college professor at Glendale College for over 30 years, teaching anthropology, sociology and gerontology. My brother, Dan, is a college professor in Montana. My grandmother taught high school chemistry. When I was three, my family moved to Glendale, and I have been a Glendale resident on and off my entire life. I went to Catholic schools and at different times, planned to be a scientist, a musician and a priest.

I have been teaching Reading and English for over 30 years. I first faced students in 1974 when I was in charge of a homeroom full of seventh grade children. Since then, I've taught junior high, high school, and have worked at Glendale College since 1979.

Over the years, I've had a keen interest in the use of computers in assisting education. I wrote English drill and practice programs in BASIC for the old Apple+ computers purchased in the early 80's for the Learning Center. I have been quite active in applying technology to my classes in Reading over the years, and with the help of people too numerous to mention, helped coordinate and build the current English Lab. I served as the Director of the GCC Learning Center for over 8 years. I was an early adopter of the Internet for use in education. See some of the materials I developed for my students here. A few years ago, I received the GCC Faculty Instructional Technology Award for "exceptional contributions integrating pedagogy and technology in student learning".

In my personal life, I'm married, with three sons in college, a daughter in high school and a daughter in 4th grade. I'm an Eagle scout and continue to be active in scouting. All three of my boys are Eagle scouts. I'm the webmaster of my local Catholic parish. I also have a keen interest in my Irish heritage. I have studied the Irish-Gaelic language, and am a professional Celtic harpist and singer with a handful of recordings to my name. I have also helped lead the Ireland GCC Study Abroad Program in which we spent a month in Ireland, offering classes in Humanities, English and Field Studies while touring through out that beautiful country.