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St. Paddy's Day in Japan

Local irish Band Celebrates St. Paddy's Day with U.S. Military Men and Women Overseas

Music is Sound of Home for Sailors

Murder, She Wrote: Playing for a TV Show

English Teacher Releases New CD

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"Sometime while the listener was listening....Dennis Doyle grows. He's no longer a man on stage, he's the essence of centuries of Celtic culture..playing wondrous Gaelic music on the harp" -Irish Tribune (Los Angeles)

"a skillful interpreter of the Irish folk music, he so obviously loves..elegant harp work...exudes olde world charm..lilting melodies played with relaxed gracefulness" -Heartbeats

"How he manages to build a simple melody into a quietly majestic song is something that cannot be described in words, it must be heard" -California Traditional Music Society Journal (Los Angeles)

"Dennis Doyle plays the Celtic Harp as if he and the instrument were wedded...plays...with graceful and etherial charm.." -Dirty Linen

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