Review this Vocabulary for a Future Test

"Daystar", page 10, "Once a Lady Told Me", page 10, "Bedtime Story", page 12
daystar the morning star (perhaps the planet Venus which often preceded the dawning of the sun), or the sun itselfThe rising of the daystar told him that dawn was coming soon.
bric-a-brac small ornamental objects displayed in a home as curiousities or keepsakes The boys were boisterous that they broke some of their aunt's bric-a-brac.
foraging searching (usually for food) The survivors were reduced to foraging for food in the flooded storerooms.
detail a group of soldiers assigned a specific task The detail was assigned to shuttle refugees to the island.
swathes pathsSwathes were cut through the jungle.
unsheathing pulling out something (like a knife) from its case He unsheathed his blade before plunging it into the intruder's neck.
impetuous rash, impulsinve, unthinking An impetuous student killed the snake.
penultimate next to the last She was the penultimate member of the panda species.
dodo a flightless bird, hunted to extinction in the 17th century Humans may go the way of the dodo if they cannot control their love of war .