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"Starved Out" by Cynthia Fox

page 239
Read these words over and answer the questions at the bottom of the page.
cannibalizing eating human flesh, or taking parts from one machine to help another run properly Her body was so undernourished that it started to cannibalize itself.
anorexia eating disorder characterized by self-starvation She suffered from anorexia most of her short life.
bulimia eating disorder characterized by bingeing and purging, self-induced vomiting, laxitive abuse and excessive exercise The supermodel knew dozens of girls who kept their weight down by resorting to bulimic devices .
outpatient treatment from a hospital or clinic without being hospitalized overnight Setting the broken bone was an outpatient procedure.
ravaged horribly damaged Acne ravaged his face as a teenager.
obsessively excessively, irrationally Her obsessive exercise only made matters worse.
managed care a health system, like an HMO, in which health care in managed, limiting patient's choices and often the speed of delivery of a procedure, in order to lower costs The switch from his regular doctor to a managed care was unsettling.
gutted destroyed, as a butcher animal The budget for improving teacher training was gutted.
chronic all the time, or long term He had chronic arthritis, which left him is a lot of pain some mornings.
criteria standards His grades were too low to meet the criteria for a scholarship.

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