Review this Vocabulary for a Future Test

"The Gilded Six-Bits", page 64
gilded gold-plated, covered with a thin layer of goldWhen I'm a millionaire, I want a pair of gilded shoes.
"bits" in American slang 12.5 cents, so 2 bits is a quarter I need two bits to put in the parking meter.
helter-skelter random, crazy things, esp. violenceCharlie Manson believed that there would be a helter-skelter race riot.
privy outdoor toilet The old shack was so small that it had a privy in the backyard.
lacquered varnished, covered with lacquerShe got a gift of a lacquered wooden box.
singing in this text, ringing out The bell sang out.
in mock alarm pretending to act concerned In mock alarm, he looked behind the curtain.
gouged dug out His cheek was gouged where he was hit by the bottle.
wrested forced away from They wrested his wallet from his fist .
camp meetin'(g) outdoor religious gathering They went to the camp meeting over in Memphis.
pone oval shaped cornbread They served 'pones at the camp meetin' .
banter teasing comments The banter between the boys and the girls grew more serious as the night went on.